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Sunday, November 14, 2010


just want to say that i feel very happy to be in peace clique :D

i feel (and hope) that we will always be friends even until we grow up and graduate, get married...

thank you for all the care and concern & also the fun times we have together!

and even if we may have some disagreements sometimes, we must still forget it fast ok?

hee, friends forever!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


a long time since i post le! dont know if anyone still will come here to see! hee but nvm, suddenly feel like blogging so i just come and blog!

anw, OP is over on tues! actually not only OP ba, PW is over! hehe actually i dont really feel the vv happy feeling. Probably because i dont dislike pw so much, or probably pw dont really take up a lot of my time, or probably i feel v empty with nothing to do at home.

but... without PW, i can spend more time on computer alr! hehe. i can use youtube videos on yu le bai fen bai all these. but wactching them for too long makes my eyes quite tired and pain too!

anw, back to PW.. the last 6 months of PW have been quite ok overall!

i remember the first few months being quite dreadful for me. because i dont really dare to speak up during PW, and i feel v useless that i always cant give any constructive ideas or feedback. esp in front of qiguang and shawn, i dont know why i wont dare to speak up.

but as we need less generation of ideas, i begin to be able to give more useful feedback. And i slowly get closer to my groupmates, and maybe they slowly get use to my quietness.

So i feel more comfortable in front of them alr. when i dont talk much, at least i wont feel that bad, and this makes me more happy during PW times! hehe. i guess i am really quite fortunate to be able to have them as my groupmates.

thank you for giving me so much advice for my OP (as i am always the one who needs more improvement as said by my teacher). thank you for not blaming me for not speaking up. thank you for all the funny moments during PW. i feel that i have known all of u better after these 6 months. yunxian, our capable leader. adriel, a boy who i can talk very comfortable to. qiguang, thank you for being so helpful and friendly. shawn, thank you for all the joy u that u had bring in during pw meetings.

hee i dont think they will be able to see this, but i still want to write them out!

anyway, this is roughly my thoughts abt pw le. although there there indeed times that i dont like pw a lot. esp when doing i&r, eom etc. when our drafts are always rejected by out teacher and we have to redo them. and when we cant think of GI or AEI.

but overall, it is still a meaningful 6 months, hope we all leanrt something from pw.

and lectures will start next week alr. and holiday will then come!

but i will be going for an international service learning trip to vietnam, and study with xianya, and some homework to catch up. i think i will be quite busy during holidays :( nvm, now rest more first!

OK, thats all alr! im going to see if i have anymore videos to watch, then after that sleep alr.

tmr going back to school for vietnam tripm and later going out with 4e2 classmates. hope i will have fun!


meaningful quote --- stay optimistic even when things are not going in your way. perservere on! :)

byebye! have a good rest!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello! its a long time since i post le.. im here to update everyone on myself! haha.

anyway, i saw this on kelly's blog which made me feel very touched:

People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway. People who really want help may attack you if you help them. Help them anyway. Give the world the best and you may get hurt. Give them the best anyway.-Mother Teresa

it made me feel that there are really people who give and dont except for any return. made me feel more encouraged to do good too!

although sometimes i would think if being a good person would make one have less friends.. because sometimes i really dont know what to say to my friends. and sometimes my classmates would be having lots of fun talking but i dont know how to join in their conversation..

but i think maybe its not related? and i should be myself too. yup, must be cheerful! sometimes when we think we are in a worse situation, yet we dont know that other people in another part of singapore or even the world, may be experiencing something even worse than what we do.

and i also want to tell my friends that: lao tian ye shi gong ping de! u may find urself not getting good results or experiencing something that others dont, but i believe that u will be better in another area. everyone would have different kinds of skills and abilities. so dont be too upset!! if we continue to work harder, things will get better! believe in urself!

anyway, school has been quite busy(but i still got time to use com?!), tired and sometimes i feel i still feel more comfortable in zhonghua. but i will jiayou! hope that everyone must jiayou too!

jiejie has went to NUS to stay in the hostel alr.. but she will come back during weekends. hope everything will be shun li for her too.

ok thats all! i will try to post more often! must jiayou! byebye! :D

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have got my new class on thursday alr, then next monday we will be starting lessons in proper. because previously, we only had lectures, and a lot of breaks in a day. yup, then i dont know how it would be like after lesson starts. will the teacher teach very fast? but no matter what, i want to say again that we must jiayou! im sure that we will be able to adapt eventually. JIAYOU JIAYOU!

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

HALO! im here to blog about my birthday! although its already 2 days ago. haha

yesterday, our clique went out to celebrate my birthday! they bought me a bag, a bracelet, and shirt and a pair of shorts! hehe really thankyou a lot! i like them a lot! ( although i think that the shorts is still quite short for me :o ) but i promise that i will wear and use them in the future! yup, then we ate japanese food, and after that, we went to eat my birthday strawberry cake! i know that a lot of them just ended their orientation and were very tired, but they still met up with me and spend time to buy my presents. hehe, really thankyou! <3

especially the cards too! i had a very 温暖 and blessed feeling while reading them. i feel really happy and fortunate to be able to have them as my friends, to be able to talk and laugh happily when we gather together. :)

and thankyou for the sms wishes too! every time i received a sms, i would be happy for a while! haha.

and thankyou to my OG for remembering my birthday and celebrating it for me too. :)thankyou for the cake! i was really surprised!

and then, during the evening time, i went out with my parents and sister to chinatown to eat dinner, and then we shopped around for a while to look at the new year goodies and items.

hehe thankyou again everyone! this is a memorable 17th birthday! :D

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

hello! orientation ended yesterday and lessons started today. the orientation was quite fun, because the OGLs were very fun and friendly! and szeneng was also in the same OG as me. hehe i thought i was very lucky because there were only 6 zhonghua students that got into njc. yup, then i was not so afraid because i had her accompany :) but i think i am still quite unfamiliar to my OG.. hope that we can become closer over the next 2 weeks!

anyway, lessons started today! very fast! but actually we haven get splited into our different classes, so we are still attending lessons with our OGs in the lecture rooms. i had econs lessons today. i think econs is a little bit like social studies, where we need to understand the concepts step by step. i dont understand 2 of the concepts just now, so i think im going to revise the notes later and maybe ask jiejie. hee although its just the start of the year, but i think im going to try to recap my notes everyday if i have the time to.

and ya! cca campaign was yesterday. i think i want to join guitar! haha. they dont need us to have any music background. i think that guitar is like quite a flexible music instrument, and i can play many music pieces (esp 卢广仲's songs) with it. but my worry is that i may not be able to grasp hold of the music theory, and like what jialing said, i may dislike to play guitar if i feel the pressure to play well. but maybe i shouldnt worry too much, and just try it out, because i wont know if i didnt try!

and also!! tomorrow is my birthday! hehe! quite excited to receive birthday greetings from my friends! and because tmr is my birthday, it feels like its my day! like i own the day! and ya, there is OG outing tmr and on saturday. hope that i can talk more to other people and that it will be successful. and i think my OG will sing a birthday song for me tmr, haha quite nervous eh.

just now i was reading blogs of my friends, and many of them also found it difficult to adapt to the changes. i want to tell them: JIAYOU! im sure time will solve all our problems, but in the meantime, we must be strong and feel positive ok?

i also miss zhonghua, my class and my friends a lot. i felt relaxed while talking to them and i really enjoyed our class time, recess time... hope that we can all meet up during CNY!

ok, yup thats all!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HALO! i got into national junior college! Actually it was my first choice, but i had mixed feelings after knowing that i got into njc. I think its because my friends did not chose njc, and i did not know anyone close that is going into that school. there is like an unfamilar feeling.

But then again, njc is nearer compared to tjc, it is a better school if we judge it by the ranking, and my family had also encouraged me to choose njc. so, with all these reasons, i wont regret choosing it! i think that no matter which school we get posted to, the experience in the school都会有它精彩和好玩的地方。Its like 老天爷已经帮我们布置好我们的路,只要努力的,坚强的面对它,一定没问题的!but i want to tell my friends: dont forget me o! hehe. we must continue to meet up regularly!

and then, school is going to start already. i think its this friday? it will be orientation first, so wont be too stress. but then, i think after school officially starts, there will be more studying, and i cannot always use computer like now. so must be mentally prepared! haha.

ok, thats all! hope that no matter which school we go to, we will be happy in the school! :)

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